Hygiene India

Hygiene India is a novel fledgling project of Bharat Ek Kadam that targets the ordinary citizen in every town and village, who do not have access to pure drinking water.


Hygiene India is a novel fledgling project of Bharat Ek Kadam that targets the  ordinary citizen in every town and village, who do not have access to pure drinking water. Hygiene India aims to make available potable mineral water in every village and town, in public place, at a nominal cost. It is also a source for income generation to many unemployed youth who could  utilize this innovative scheme to generate a reasonable income and fetch jobs to a few in the area.  Drinking water is a necessity and must be made available to everyone. Despite so many years of rule by various parties in govt, no one has addressed this issue with all the seriousness that it deserves.  Hygiene India attempts to correct this anomaly, that too on a war footing. 

This is a concept that chooses to kill two birds with one stone. In the process of purification of hard water 40 - 50% of the water gets wasted.  Bharat Ek Kadam has been working on the concept of sanitation for more than two years and in a novel and unique way has been able to channelize the waste water to utilize the same for toilet purposes. This facility is rendered at an expense that costs a pittance.  This model has not been tried anywhere and once emulated in public places and institutions, could solve problems of the common man on two fronts simultaneously. Besides the initiative to provide pure drinking water Hygiene india also addresses the issue of sanitation for urinal and toilet purposes. This innovative model becomes the best source for income generation at two levels, both for sale of pure drinking water and also generating income by providing toilet facilities. 

As such, apart from the initiative to address the drinking water problem, Hygiene India is also about sanitation and optimum utilization of waste water, thus saving water and helping the environment through effective water conservation. 

This model once implemented on a large scale in every city /town and village could become a game changer. 

The benefits are:

• The govt saves on money as it need not spend a single penny, since the project is funded by public private partnership. All that is required is a 300 sq. ft. space to house the unit.
• What the govt/local governing body needs to do is provide free water, electricity and the required space to house the RO plant.
• Providing pure drinking water at a fraction of actual cost.
• Employment for at least 50 youth per unit through micro business.
• A big thrust in the filed of sanitation and hygiene.
• Service to humanity with provision for drinking water and urinals and toilets.

Available models with water purification capacity per hour:

• 50 liters
• 250 liters
• 500 liters
• 1000 liters
• 2000 liters

Combo models:

• RO water model
• RO water model with urinal
• RO water model with Toilets
• RO water model with Generic medicine shop
• 4in1 combo model( RO water, toilet, generic medicine shop, foreign shop )
• Also tailor made models suited to requirement and specification as per order.

How you can enrol or be part of the project:

• Any individual/ private institution or govt./ local body can be part of the project.
• Login to bhratekkadam.com wet site and register online.
• Forward the bio-data with full details including special area of interest.
• BEK officials shall get in touch with the concerned to work out the details.
• Where govt firms/ institutions are concerned appropriate and designated authority will have to enter into an agreement with BEK.
• With regard to sanctions and permissions for letting out of property or govt space on lease and providing water and electricity connection.
• On signing of agreement and compliance of payment as per agreement, work on the project shall commence and shall be handed over on completion( applicable in case of individuals and private parties )