Obligation to society is of prime importance and Bharat Ek Kadam’s commitment on this issue is totally focused and novel in many ways. Human society has its customs and traditions and marriages and Birthdays are part of them. BEK chooses to convert such occasions of celebration into memorable moments with an added social twist to it and with a message ingrained in it.

In a country like India where toilet is not a privilege available to everyone, BEK focuses on providing the platform for using such occasions to gift the Bride/Bridegroom with a Bio-Toilet where ever it is not available to them. By creating awareness in the minds of people to gift items of utmost utility like Bio- Toilets instead of other expensive gifts, BEK is in fact trying to create a trend that would have all positive ramifications in society for the future and also help ease the sanitation problem faced in India. Likewise BEK’s Endeavour is to motivate people to extend this gesture during Birthday’s as well. As a part of its social responsibility BEK has taken the initiative to help in all such gestures by providing free logistic support to the maximum extent possible in all cases within its area of operation.

This envisages tying up with NRI’s and HNI’s and acting as a facilitator to all those interested in doing philanthropic activities in society. BEK proposes to act as the bridge for the Samaritans who wish to contribute to society and whose good will gesture could result in a lot of good being done for the society. BEK undertakes to execute any and all projects for and behalf of the NRI’s to fulfill their aims and aspirations to do good and contribute in whatever way to help society and serve humanity.